Wednesday, November 11, 2015

New Kids Bracelets now available at the Store

New gifts for the Holidaze: Simple Kids Snap Bracelets made from bike tubes!

These kids sized bike tube bracelets come ready to wear, embellished with a brass star or a pink heart.

A pair would make great friendship bracelets. Let them show their friends some love!

Sizes (approx): 1-3yrs 6'' -XXS, 4-6yrs 7'' -XS, 7-11yrs 8.5'' -S

They have a leather like look and are waterproof, stain proof, and durable. Made with heavy duty snaps these won't fall off and get lost.

Boys Star Listing
Girls Heart Listing

All bike tubes are upcycled from a trustworthy local source then cleaned and polished with natural vegetable based biodegrable soap and  oils.

Note: We consider all of our items appropriate for anyone of any gender identity. The 'boys/girls' reference is for the sole business purpose of optimizing etsy's search engine metrics and making sure our items are found equally throughout their system.

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